Rules are very simple:

1. Tweet-bombard this question to @RichardDawkins & @rebeccawatson

“Can both of you guys just say sorry and hug it out?”

2. Behold their godzila size egos struggle (Oh yes! they are gonna get exotic with the excuses!)

If you are a Watsonian: NAG DAWKINS WITH THE QUESTION! 

If you are a Dawkinian: NAG WATSON WITH THE QUESTION!

Watson and Dawkins’ will make faces with every tweet, almost as if cockroaches were crawling up their asses.

Why? That’s their egos getting anally probed with every tweet. (minus the lubricant) 

Give it a try! It is a perfectly innocent question and their amazing excuses will just give us the LULZ! IT’S A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO BUTTHURT THEIR EGOS WITH ONE INNOCENT QUESTION! 

The worst that can happen: They both get butthurt (more?)

The best that could happen: The apologetic circus takes place! (yay!)

The most likely event: The power of masses gang anally probe their egos!!!  

See? we can all hate each other in harmony!